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Who can use mascot

The most important thing to a business is the perception that it’s customers and potential customers have. Your company or organization needs a mascot to light a fire under your brand. Use an Iconic Mascot to stand out from the crowd!
School & Colleges
When students unite behind their team mascot, they are building a strong sense of community and tremendous school pride.
Lend your brand a distinct and recognizable personality. Reinforce top-of-mind awareness and increase Brand Recall.
Sports and Entertainment
Your team mascot is the brand and life of the event. Mascot as cheerleader can increase engagement and energy at events.

Why should you use mascot

Your mascot represents not only a powerful connection to the community at large but it also is extremely important to things like public relations, personal appearances & events, entertainment experience, sponsorship, licensing & merchandising.

Distinct & Recognisable Personality

Customized mascot character to make your brand more personable.

Brand Recall

Mascot at promotional event will help increase brand recall.

Strenghten brand identity

Engage audience in conversation to build and strengthen brand identity

Emotional Connect

Create an emotional connection with the audience.

Where can you use mascots.

Product Launch & Brand Promotions

Use mascot at product launch and promotional event to increase brand recognition.

Corporate events & Exhibitions

Use mascot as face of your brand at corporate events and exhibitions.

Customer engagement & Market Activation.

Use mascot to engage audience in conversation to build and strengthen brand identity.

CSR & Roadshows.

Use mascot for social cause to create emotional connection with the audience.

Type of mascots

We make durable mascots of selected material. The most popular type of mascots are:
EVA Mascot
Fiber Mascot
Inflatable Mascot


We pride ourselves on the highest quality and design standards in the industry. Our concept artists work with you to develop a mascot costume that beams with character, personality and prestige.

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We bring your unique character to life based on your vision. That’s what we’re good at; listening, understanding and creating. Call us to know more!

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